Wednesday, November 9, 2016

general headache #1

summary: Just a general headache---not disrupting me but making me uncomfortable...neck pain as well. Probably due to the same old stressors and the crappy outcome of the election.

Monday, November 7, 2016

aura #1-with migraine-mild pain

Visual aura
Exactly! Zigzag electric visual disturbance...
aura: started 12:33 am / ended: 1:00 pm / time: 27 minutes

description: "electric", prism-like jagged C/V, started with blurred vision, then visual began, moved across left eye area then finally out of vision at 1:00 pm. Waiting with anxiety for a migraine.

food: string cheese, coca cola, pepperoni roll, lemon scone

other issues: maybe hormonal, stress (looking for new job, job stress in general- financial stress, relationship stress etc.)

to note: have job interview tomorrow for part time position...(changed mind) not all that excited but need to move on...

pain: migraine started about 1:40 pm--about 40 minutes from aura, right temple area- sick to my stomach, smells and overhead lights/computer lights bothering me. Pain was pretty mild but enough to be annoying.

medicine: took generic Excedrin migraine to try to stop it before it really sets in... worked!

other: eating--am hungry...yep, mostly unhealthy junk

pain ended: about 2:10 pm---about 30 minutes from onset... feeling mostly better---no pain that I can tell but still feel "pressure" in temple area...probably just "phantom" pain from oncoming migraine. Light from screen is still annoying me...

summary: can't wait to go home and sleep!

later notes: @ 8:38 pm---still feeling like blah from this migraine... neck pain as well but thankfully the underlying pain is pretty dull... just like a pressure at my left temple and still bothered by light and whatnot...  grrr...